What have I done to this airport?

No matter what I have done wrong in this world, my punishment has a name: Newark. It seems like I can’t think about going there without something wrong happening. A few months ago, it was a missed connection caused by the US border security system going down, causing extremely long waiting lines. Today, I get to spend a lot more quality time in this sterile environment called Newark. At least, this time, it’s possible to sit somewhere to eat.

My flight was supposed to leave Montreal at 17:10. As I got to the airport, it was cancelled. No problem. They booked me on the 14:30 flight, which was delayed until 18:30. One more hour in Montreal, one less in New Jersey. Felt like a good deal. My connection there was planned to be slightly over 3 hours anyway.

Bad luck. They got a green light to take off at 16:30. That’s one more hour in New Jersey.

After a terribly bumpy ride in a regional jet under strong winds, in which every passenger’s face was blank (except for those laughing nervously, clearly having lost control), I was greeted in Newark by an announcement: My next flight was delayed by 3 hours.


That does leave plenty of time to write documentation.

Update: 4 hours delay.

Update: 4.5 hours delay.

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