Looking back 2008

Seems like this is the time for retrospectives.

  • In January, I was coming back to my normal life after my last internship at Autodesk, moderately busy organizing CUSEC and starting what could have been my last semester of school if only the last courses I have were not precisely in the same time slot. To keep things light, there was also a CodeFest along the way.
  • February turned out to be a very important. It’s the month in which I decided to stop thinking about multilingual wikis and just do it. Proof of concept ready within a day. Few more days to bring it feature complete, and then spent the remaining weeks documenting it and explaining how it works. Most still don’t get it, but I live OK with that.
  • At the begining of March was the Blitzweekend in which we made a first beta release of TikiWiki 1.10. I then spend time preparing my presentation (with CS Games in between) for PHP Quebec that month, which turned out to be my best presentation ever. I spent most of the second half of the month writing reports for school, which was well worth it because I won a prize for it multiple months later. It might have been time better spent if I had actually worked for clients during that time, but it wouldn’t have been as fun. Closing out on 4 year old ideas feels great.
  • Although I was mostly done writing for school, it was far from over. In April, I wrote the paper that would be presented in Porto with Alain Désilets and Sébastien Paquet. These academic conferences get you to work before you are even accepted. Tech conferences are so much easier to handle. By the end, I figured my writing skills were good enough. It was also the month where I went on vaccation for the first time in a very long while.
  • Coming back from Cuba early May, I spent a few days not eating or doing anything because it required too much effort based on my new standards. Luckily, starvation got me to start doing stuff again. Other than an other CodeFest, May was mostly quiet.
  • In June, I mostly worked on Profiles, a configuration delivery systems for TikiWiki. Other than that, usual work.
  • I went to Strasbourg in July for TikiFest during which 2.0 saw it’s first RC and major changes in the community. It was my first trip in Europe, so I spent some time visiting Strasbourg and Paris. While I was there, I had the confirmation that my paper was accepted, so I had to handle the reviews and submit the final version while I was away from home. I was really glad I had co-authors to handle most of it.
  • August was quiet, other than the fact that I officially completed my studies. We held a small TikiFest in Montreal. I had a lot to cover in TikiWiki after the meetings in France, so I spent quite a lot of time finalizing the 2.0 release (which was made that month).
  • I then went to Porto in September for WikiSym and a TikiFest, living in the WikiHouse for nearly two weeks with 9 other people. It was a lot of fun. Porto was a great city. It turns out the part where I presented my paper was only a minor aspect of the trip. Surprising. While I was there, I learned I was accepted for php|works in November. It seemed like every time I traveled, I would need to travel more.
  • In October, I really had to catch up on work, so other than a CodeFest and preparing my presentation, I just worked.
  • November was a rush. Right after php|works in Atlanta, I had to be back in Montreal because the largest TikiFest ever was happening at the same time with people from all over the world.
  • Nothing happened in December, except a huge pile of work.

It was a lot of fun.

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