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I finally took some time to put the list of books in my library online. This is something I had been willing to do for quite a while, but I never felt like placing any effort into it. The good thing is that producing that list did not require any effort at all, except for the part where I actually had to search for the book ISBN numbers. I could have picked up the books and find it, but I did not feel like typing them.

I just wrote a small script to pull the information from Amazon using the ISBN code. Using the Zend_Service_Amazon component, it was a matter of minutes. Until now, I didn’t think these service classes really were useful and required to be part of the base framework distribution. That was because I never had to use them. Now I wish there were even more.

Right now, the list is not very useful, but I intend on adding comments on all of the books. Feel free to ask for comments on any book listed, I will give them a higher priority.

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  1. I tried using one of those Facebook apps to get the collaboration thing going, but I don’t really like it. When it comes to reccommendations, Amazon is good enough for me. Plus, it lets me get the books in just a few clicks.

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