More of the same

Canada’s new Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented the new government today. Canada is definetly taking a new direction, and it may not be for the best. There are quite a few shocking positions, like Rona Ambrose, who was against Kyoto was placed at the ministry of environment. This was something to be expected as the Prime Minister is from Alberta, that province exploiting asphaltic sands and cause more pollution than any other. Not more unexpected than the presence of the religious right. Since it’s a minority government, I think we are quite safe about keeping that Intelligent Design out of our school, but expect those gay mariage and pro-life debates to come back to the surface.

One of the most amazing event is the ex-Liberal, elected as Liberal this time again, minister switching to the conservative party less than two weeks after being elected. David Emerson got the International Commerce Ministry. Seriously, I find this totally shocking. Considering he was elected with a vast majority by the population as a Liberal, I don’t really see why anyone is supposed to accept this. A similar situation occured not so long ago when Belinda Stronach switched to Conservative to Liberal. At that time, the entire Conservative party was offuscated and claimed resignation. While it was not really acceptable at the time, this situation is totally worst. The guy was elected a few days earlyer! He was even standing by Paul Martin during the counting and spoke against the Conservative Party. I can remember this quote: I’m proud to be a Liberal. Is this really the kind of integrity we want in a governement?

Back to the annomalies. Michael Fortier, who was not elected as a deputy, was named as a Senator and was given an important ministry. This shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the kind of permitted action in Canada as senators are simply named by the Prime Minister. It’s usually all right since senators don’t usually have a job to do, other than sleeping and getting paid. It would also be right if Stephen Harper did not request senators were elected by the population before being elected, back when Paul Martin and the previous Prime Ministers were selecting Liberal senators (which is a life-long position). Again, a great sign of integrity.

For a man who was pretending to clean up corruption in Ottawa, I think he’s having quite a bad start.

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