Nostalgic about old gaming days?

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I made quite a discovery today: a side-scrolling run-and-jump game! Super-Tux is a Super Mario clone with Tux as a hero instead of a plumber. The story is quite simple. Bad guy abducted Tux’s girlfriend and you need to go get her back. Other than the fact that there are no secret passages in huge pipes (there are huge pipes), the gameplay is very similar to the old Nintendo classic. I think the fireballs should have been replaced with snowballs and the bad guy in the end replaced for Bill Gates in the castle of SCO, but it’s still a very nice one. It’s actually quite fun to knock boxes to get pennies and get a bonus life when you reach 100, until you realise the game is saved after each level and loading the game brings you back with 4 lives…

Don’t get stoped by the screenshots on the website. The image compression really ruins them. The actual graphics look a whole lot better. Enjoy the ice-cube turtles and snow monsters. The game contains 26 levels. It should be enough to entertain for a few hours. The game is currently version 0.1.2 and is still under development, and open source.

Ok, this is not a technological advance, nor a killer app that will lead Linux to world domination, but it’s still fun!

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