American Way of Life

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Well, Bush has once again declined to sign the Kyoto treaty. The excuse this time is that it will cause job loss. It’s quite sad to see that jobs today worth more than life tomorrow. I don’t actually see how it will cause job loss in the first place. It’s probably just an other lame excuse. I actually hope it does not reflect the opinion of the average american.

Is the american way of life they are trying to protect really about egocentrism? As a general idea, every single decision made totally ignores the rest of the world. They elected Bush once again, even if the entire world was against it.

It’s nice to see the way major problems are simply ignored. Kyoto has not been a key element during the year-long campain (which probably costed more than signing Kyoto would). Less than a week later, the decision is made. Has everything else been done or I simply don’t understand what priorities are?

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