Back from GTEC Week


I spent two days in Ottawa for the GTEC Week, a technology exhibition for the government. No official number of visitors are available at this time but the estimation is well over 7000. PHP Quebec had a booth to present PHP and surrounding technologies in the Open Source Labs. Most major vendors were present to offer their products.

Free and Open Source Software had a very special place in the event. Novell, IBM and the departement of defense were presenting it as a viable solution. Defense Research and development departement was distributing a preliminary report containing and overview and guidelines for Free Software usage in the canadian government. The 270 pages study is not official at this point, but it will probably become once it is reviewed, approved and translated to french.

From what I heard between the lines, Corel will be releasing a Linux version of WordPerfect Office Suite very soon. I have been very surprised with this since I didn’t even remember WordPerfect still existed. It’s good to see vendors place more trust into Linux and consider it as a viable market.

Novell was presenting the newest release of the SuSE distribution and the integration with their existing services. A lot of work has been placed on interoperability with Windows. Companies willing to proceed to a transition to Linux will have to take a look at those solutions.

The show wasn’t all about Open Source. Some companies were simply there to sell overpriced systems to governements. As a big suprised, Microsoft remained very quiet.

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