Are we ever going to see them?

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I just felt on an other 3D desktop environment. Croquet Project‘s goals seem to be greater than simply being a desktop environment, but it still looks like one. The open source project is using OpenGL and is supposed to run on all major platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows). Reading the descriptions on the main page, I ended up thinking it was a complete operating system. I had to go in the FAQ to find out that it was nothing more than an application. Those guys are definetly good at playing with words.

First thing I tought about was Sun’s Looking Glass Project. Basically, they both seem to do similar things except that Sun’s really is a desktop environment and is designed for the Java Desktop System (project core is available on SourceForge under GPL) and Croquet is Croquet is a combination of computer software and network architecture that supports deep collaboration and resource sharing among large numbers of users within the context of a large-scale distributed information system., whatever it means. I also saw an other similar project back when Looking Glass made some waves with the release on SourceForge but I couldn’t find it back.

Are we ever going to see one of those in action? I havn’t heard any news from Looking Glass in months. This new project does not even have an official release: how long will it live? Both project seem to be very serious, but is it only a hype that will be dropped before reaching the public? I really wonder how it will be in terms of usability and if it will be good enough for everyone to drop their good old 2D desktop interface.

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