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These days, everyone seem to be very careful about internet security and privacy. It seems like since it’s over the web, it has to be important. People tend to forget that their privacy is not only important on the web but also in all other communication methods. The phone is not more secure than email. Listening to someone’s phone probably does not require more effort than reading someone else’s emails.

I’m just surprised to see how much confidential information people diffuse while they are in public places. I hear people talking to each other, talking on the phone. I can see them taking notes or reading confidential data without even trying to read it.

When calling the bank or any other place that have a file on you, they usually ask for confirmation information. You have to tell them, no matter where you are. In what is your birth date or account number a secret anyway? Anyone stealing a wallet has those informations. I’m not trying to create a paranoia, I just feel people should calm down, the web isn’t that insecure. At least it’s possible to encrypt data and use a password without having anyone hearing or having it written somewhere on a card.

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