Are Geeks Hiding?

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I have heard a complaint yesterday about F/OSS developpers being rare and that basically, all of them were workaholics. I don’t know where those people hang around at, but I don’t feel F/OSS developpers are rare. I might just live in a weird world, but those people are all around me. There are millions of members of the community worldwide, of course they don’t all work full time on open source, but it sure isn’t rare to talk to a programmer and hear he’s working, or at least contributed, to an open source application.

There are many reasons why a developper would want to contribute to a community-driven project and I don’t really thing the lack of affection is one of them.

  • Need the application: probably the best reason of them all
  • Learning or self improvement: Facing real problems is probably the best way to improve skills
  • Gain experience: It can’t be bad to see how other people solve problems
  • Improve his curriculum vitae: A few extra lines are never a bad thing
  • Simple interest for the purpose of the project: Being part of a project gives opportunities to gather knowledge
  • Desire to help others: Why not?

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